1860 U.S. Indian Head Copper Nickel Cent / Penny Circulated to VG

Mintage 20 566 000


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Nice coin no holes full readable date. Coin will grade from circulated to VG. 1860 Indian Head cents represent the second year of the series. Indian Head pennies from 1860 much like the Flying Eagle cents and all other one cent coins through 1864 were made with a copper nickel composition which gives these early pennies more of a white appearance than the bronze pennies beginning late in 1864. James B. Longacre designed the Indian Head cent and his work is associated with many other coins of that time period including the two cent piece the first coin to bear the motto IN GOD WE TRUST. Longacre’s young daughter Sarah served as the model for the Native American image on the Indian Head penny. The story goes that the designer and his 12 year old daughter were visited by an native chief who playfully placed his traditional headdress upon the young girl. Longacre quickly sketched the scene to show his wife. And from that sketch the bust design on the Indian Head penny was born. The head on the penny is actually supposed to be that of Miss Liberty. The 1860 Indian Head cents were the first in the series to feature an oak wreath with shield on the reverse. This is the basic reverse design that would be used for the remainder of the series which ended in 1909. (coinvalues) Mintage 20 566 000
Designer Engraver James B Longacre
Metal Composition 88 Copper 12 Nickel
Minted at Philadelphia
Mass Weight 467 grams

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